Pico Waves is an imagined 8-bit version of Waves, a twin-stick shooter. It's targeted for the PICO-8 "fantasy console", but you can play it in the browser.

Be sure the game canvas is in focus (click on it).


  • Move with ESDF. (The player 2 default controls on the PICO-8.)
  • Fire with the arrow keys.
  • P pauses the game.


My main goal with this game was to figure out a fluid control scheme. As it turns out, the PICO-8 is incredibly easy to get a simple game up and running. This release took me a day of work. It helps that I already know Lua. Overall, it reminds me of the "games" I used to write using GW-BASIC on my parents' Tandy 1000.

Future work:

  • Properly end the game when the player collides with an enemy.
  • More enemy variety.
  • Add bombs and time buffer (slow-mo).
  • Add a scoring system.
  • Add sounds.
  • Add music.
  • Add background image to liven up the screen.
  • Build a movable camera system so that the arena can be larger.
  • Add gameplay mods.
  • Replace simple shapes with animated sprites.

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