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Damn, I couldn't get any turns to complete. I'd just select counters and have them disappear while the Roll count stayed on zero. I also may have not known that this was a 2 player game and tried to treat it as 1 player with a CPU, but I doubt that this matters because I couldn't get any amount of players to do something.

Also my side's Itch Io text field is bugged so it makes me look like somebody who willfully types bad line breaks while commenting.

Yeah. That was one of the bugs that stopped me from working on it. It’s not hard to solve: the turn passes when someone rolls a zero. But there needs to be some indication on the screen what happened. If you do luck out and get a nonzero roll, you’ll find the turn never switches. And that’s just as well, since the second player controls aren’t implemented either. At some point, I want to write a CPU player.

Thanks for taking a look. I feel its not a bad start considering it was one day of work. (And I spent part of that day waiting for builds to finish.) But I probably need to drape the whole thing in WIP banners. ;-)

I added some logic to switch players and deal with zero rolls. Sill isn’t the full game, though. You can’t win, but you sure can lose. ;-)